About Applying Stoicism

Applying Stoicism took its original form in 2013 as a public social media group founded by Travis Hume. From its inception, the group has been dedicated to guiding others in modern-day practice of the ancient virtue-ethics philosophy of Stoicism. Weekly content has been freely published to this end, based exclusively upon first-hand applications of the philosophy; This custom remains intact to the current day. The effort has been joined by other content creators, whose endeavors contribute to the groups principal goal.

From 2013, Applying Stoicism’s original social media group population has grown to over 1,500 members, and has recently expanded to Patreon, Google+, and Twitter. Plans are under consideration for video and audio content. A book is in development, committed to helping others develop basic working knowledge in applying Stoic philosophy to everyday life.

Travis Hume is Applying Stoicism’s creator, administrator, and writer.  He aims to write full-time on the application of Stoic philosophy, and the restoration of its system.

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